Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Helena House?

Helena House is a family owned and operated corporation. President and  CEO Barbara Resnick oversees the operation of 5 residential homes with  the assistance of her daughter Stacey Maglior.   

How does a residential care facility differ from a skilled nursing facility?

 Helena House owns and operates Residential Care for Elderly (RCFE)  facilites that offer 24 hour  care and supervision and provides  assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, medications, and meal  preparation. Although an RCFE does not provide daily on-site medical  specialists, these services can be contracted on an individual basis and  rendered at the facility. 

A Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) provides skilled medical  professionals such as doctors and nurses as their regular on-site  employees. Patients live there because they require a higher level of  care than an RCFE is allowed to provide

Do you accept residents with dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease?

Yes. Helena House meets the state requirements for accommodating  residents with dementia. Our staff receives specialized training for residents with these special needs. 

Can you provide Hospice care?

 We also provide Hospice Care. 

What is your staff ratio?

Helena House provides a minimum of one staff member for every three  residents. Additional staff members are available depending on the needs  of the residents. 

What kind of food do you serve?

Helena House provides three nutritionally balanced, home cooked meals  daily. In addition residents are served snacks in between meal times.  Our kitchen staff is also prepared to handle any special dietary needs.  Our menus are always available to residents and family members.  

Does Helena House provide transportation? If not, do you arrange transportation?

Helena House does not provide transportation, but we can arrange  transportation for a resident to their physician’s office. We can also  put families in touch with physicians and others who make house calls,  such as podiatrists, dentists, optometrists, or physical therapists to  provide their services at our homes.  

How much does it cost?

 The costs vary depending on assistance required. Standard rates start at  $2,700 for shared rooms and $3,700 for private rooms.  This covers  comprehensive care including daily bathing, grooming, dressing, linen  service, transferring, toileting, laundry, house cleaning, meals,  snacks, and activities. We assist with, order and fully monitor all  medications. It also includes supervised field trips for those who are  able and motivated. 

Aside from the monthly fee, are there any additional costs involved?

 There is an additional invoice for supplies, optional hair and nail services, and nutritional supplements.

Is there any financial assistance for this type of care?

 Yes, veterans and wives of veterans who served in a war are eligible for a VETERANS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, which can pay up to $1600 per month.  Call our office for further information.

 Also, individuals who procured LONG TERM CARE insurance will find that it will cover most of the expenses for residential care.  

How many residents live in the home?

Our homes have a maximum of 6 residents. 

What activities are available in the home?

Helena House employs activity directors to engage residents in  appropriate games, exercise, music, and crafts. The activities are  chosen to complement the physical and mental capabilities of our  residents. We also have groups sessions that include discussions and  singing. 

How do you handle end-of-life issues? Do you allow Hospice services?

We are fully licensed by the state for hospice care. Our company policy  is that if one of our residents becomes terminally ill, he or she can  remain at the home. Along with the responsible person, we evaluate and  coordinate plans of care by a team of professionals, including a medical  director, the patient's attending physician, nurses, social workers,  counselors, clergy, and our caregivers. We do not accept people who are  already in a hospice program.  

Do you allow wheelchairs?

Yes. We welcome residents with wheelchairs and walkers.

Do you allow oxygen?


Do you take residents with incontinence problems?


What are your limitations regarding the needs of the resident?

Our limitations are defined by the Title 22, State of California  Regulations, governing Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. We  are unable to accept residents with the following conditions:  

  •  Resident has active communicable tuberculosis.
  • Resident requiring 24-hour, skilled nursing or intermediate care.
  • Residents who exhibit aggressive and/or combative behavior that  would put other residents and/or our caregivers at risk for injury.
  • Residents who require feeding tubes.
  • Residents with gastrostomies.