17421 Laurie Lane
Tustin, CA 92780

Phone: (714)734-8034
Fax: (714) 734-6167
email: care@helena-house.com

Why Choose Residential Care?

RFCE care offers substantially lower costs and more individualized service than nursing home care.

Why Choose Helena House?

Helena House accepts older residents who are physically and/or mentally frail.

The Helena House program offers opportunities for social interaction and activities reminiscent of family life.

Helena House will work with the residents' physician to create and implement an individualized care plan. This plan will include a program to enhance the physical, mental, and psychological well-being of each resident in our care.

Helena House staff and management are committed to treating each resident with dignity and respect.

Helena House, Inc. is a company which provides residential care for the elderly. We offer personalized care in a very private setting that enhances and maintains the highest quality of life for all our residents. Our hands-on assisted living program greatly complements the gentle touch of our caregivers while catering to each resident's personal needs.

This includes 24-hour assistance with total personal care by a highly-trained and compassionate staff.